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Top 5 business and development books

Nobody expected our lives to change so quickly. When we have to adapt to completely new working conditions, the ways of spending free time have also changed for most of us. However, despite the limitations, we still have a choice and influence on how we spend the next weeks – so it’s worth using them wisely. And whatever the circumstances, we should take the opportunity not only to have a good time, but also to gain new knowledge. And maybe even solve the problems we faced!

And reading books seems to be the best solution in this situation. Are you saying you don’t have time? If you work from home, turn the time you spend commuting to work for a good book – you did it for something before, right? However, if your scope of duties has changed, you can always listen to the audiobook while doing your home chores.

Whether you want to better organize your work time, look at your distancing issues, or simply motivate yourself and gain new knowledge – you can find many business and development books for each of these needs. And if you still do not know what to choose – the list below contains 5 items that I consider the most valuable.

“Essentialist. Less, but better ”- Greg McKeown

Do you feel that you are doing a lot, but in fact your actions are not bringing the expected results? Today, we have thousands of choices at our disposal. However, the more it is, the easier it is for decision paralysis and desperate attempts to include countless activities in the agenda of our day. At the same time, we do not realize how important it is to set priorities that will help us achieve the goals we care about the most.

“If you don’t prioritize your life yourself, someone else will do it for you” .

If you feel like you are overworked but unproductive and every refusal you give makes you feel uncomfortable and guilty – read the idea of ​​essentialism outlined in this book and start investing your time and energy wisely.

“Deep work. How to be successful in a distracted world ”- Cal Newport

In the digital age, it is very difficult to become fully concentrated on the task at hand. Cal Newport described deep work as an essential 21st century skill that will allow us to become better in every area of ​​our lives. The author not only introduces us to the psychological and philosophical foundations of his thesis, but also – in the second part of the book – provides the necessary rules, habits and exercises that help to achieve concentration. Contrary to appearances, this is not an easy skill to achieve! In this book you will learn what, apart from success, connects Carl Jung, Mark Twain, Woody Allen and Bill Gates. And more importantly – it is available to everyone. In addition to research-based knowledge, you will learn many examples and stories that will be remembered for a long time.

“Deep work is not an old-fashioned skill that ceases to be relevant in our time. On the contrary, it is a necessary skill for anyone who wants to achieve something”.

“How to Win Friends and Win People” Dale Carnegie

How is it possible that a book published over a century ago still holds such up-to-date knowledge? The secret of its success lies in universal advice used in interpersonal relationships, which we often forget. Moreover, the presented principles do not only apply to the business world, but also to everyday situations. We can use the acquired knowledge and put it into practice immediately after reading it. You will notice it during the first meeting with relatives or friends. The stories described, and above all the situations they contain, will help us better understand the presented action patterns. Would you like a book written in an accessible language and at the same time containing useful tips from the first page? Dale Carnegie’s book will be a great choice because it will help you develop and use the hidden powers and skills that have been dormant in you for a long time.

“Always make the other person feel important”.

“Speak like TED. 9 ways of a good presentation according to outstanding speakers” Carmine Gallo

Contrary to appearances, public speaking is something we do all the time. Delivering a paper, speaking at a conference or presenting your idea to a manager are situations that we encounter every day. Therefore, becoming a speaker able to present your ideas in an interesting way will give us an advantage in the modern world. Carmine Gallo, as a marketing communication specialist, analyzed hundreds of speeches that took place at the TED conference. He also conducted numerous interviews with speakers and used his personal experience to present techniques to charm listeners in a book. He also supported his conclusions with knowledge in the field of neurobiology and psychology.

If you want more freedom and confidence in your speeches, and at the same time you want to reach the minds and hearts of the audience, the author of “Talk Like Ted” will guide you in an accessible and understandable way through the secrets used by the best speakers in the world. Not without significance is the fact that an average of 1.5 million people watch presentations from the TED conference on the Internet every day.

“Every superhero has a story about himself. You too. Don’t follow other people’s stories. Make your own.”

“SuperBetter. Life is a game, learn to win” Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal is a professional game designer. It is recognized all over the world. When she suffered a severe concussion in 2009, she thought she had lost everything. Her daily activities were difficult for her, and she never seemed to return to work. Fortunately, the author of “SuperBetter” decided to use her professional experience. She turned the process of recovery into a game that builds mental resilience. The project became a major undertaking in which the US National Institute of Health participated. The traits of a real player used in everyday activities allow us to activate creativity, courage and determination. And these are the skills that effectively help us achieve goals and dreams! The conducted research and analyzes as well as the exercises included in the book will make us awaken the “player” in real life. We will not avoid difficult experiences, but we will gain knowledge on how to deal with them.

“Meanwhile, the research results should remind us that it is the sense of self-efficacy, and not motivation, that is the key to developing willpower and determination”.

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