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How to effectively recruit employees from the IT industry?

Despite the constant development of the IT industry, there are still many myths about IT developers and recruiters alike. But is a programmer always a spoiled introvert with a checkered shirt? Of course not! We can hide these stereotypes in a drawer, and instead arm ourselves with specific knowledge on how to combine the interests of both these groups. It might seem that both sides have a slightly complicated relationship to each other, but they play to one goal in the end. How to effectively recruit IT specialists?

Knowledge of technology is the basis for effective IT recruitment

Although it seems to be basic knowledge – not every recruiter knows technology obvious. While we shouldn’t expect recruiters to know all the details of a programmer’s job, fluency in general interviews with candidates in the IT industry is essential. Starting with the famous “Java is not JavaScript” , i.e. knowledge of programming languages, through the software development cycle, to general information related to the work of programmers (work methodology, application architecture, testing) – the recruiter must be able to freely provide information on these topics. Without this, the recruitment process may not be perceived as professional.

Of course, there are questions that IT recruiters may not know the answers to. One of the main sins of recruiters is making unrealistic promises. Our knowledge should allow us to conduct an honest conversation with the candidate, describing the technical aspects of the role. The Internet is always open to us, full of valuable sources, such as: A dictionary of IT terms.

Active search for IT specialists

How do I start sourcing? The easiest way is to use the contacts you have gained. Browse through your friends on LinkedIn, check your internal candidate database, and reach out to people who’ve already been interested in a similar role. When looking for candidates for junior positions, manual testers or business roles – you can try to use advertisements. For other roles, direct contact works best, especially through Linkedin. If you are using a Premium account, you can arrange sourcing by working in Linkedin recruitment projects. In addition, the ‘open for new opportunities’ option allows for much more effective sourcing of developers. This variant shows us a list of people considering new job offers.

What if we don’t have this option? Without a paid recruiting account, we can still organize sourcing on LinkedIn well. How? Start by building a contact database by adding friends to your network.

Do you have a database with telephone numbers? Call candidates directly ! First, however, send an email or message on LinkedIn, and then make an appointment by phone. Then you can safely present all the information related to the recruitment for a given IT position. Remember that IT candidates are passive and you must take the initiative, keep the other party’s interest, and most of all keep looking.

Candidate Experience

IT candidates are in great demand in the labor market. In the case of such candidate experience recruitment, ongoing contact and feedback are particularly important. If you wait for e.g. two weeks after the interview, it may turn out that your candidate has received an offer from a competitive company. Not only recruiters, but also IT managers / leaders should take into account the fact that, after verifying the technical competences of the candidate, provide him with feedback in this area as soon as possible – this is how it should be implemented effective recruitment in IT. Finally, it is no surprise that candidates exchange their experience in recruitment processes with other people in the industry, and this affects both the employer and recruiter brand, which is extremely important in the case of IT recruitment processes.

External recruitment support

Regardless of whether you are a recruiter or a company that is looking for IT specialists, all of the above-mentioned factors will influence the final recruitment success.

If your company does not have an internal HR team or its resources are insufficient, then it is worth using an external recruitment company that has expertise in recruiting in the IT industry. One of such companies is Talent Place. Thanks to a large community of HR experts specialized in many industries, he can find and match IT employees to any organization. Talent Place recruiters work remotely and are dispersed in different locations, thanks to which they also know the specifics of the local labor market. This means that they reach exactly where they should be reaching and are able to quickly find a perfectly matched candidate. And as mentioned earlier, speed in the IT industry is invaluable. An example of effective recruitment in the IT industry is the cooperation between Talent Place and Microsoft, about which you can read in the Microsoft recruitment Case Study entry on our website.

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